Help asapCongruent Angle pairs

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option A   ∠RWQ, ∠WPS and ∠PWUStep-by-step explanation:we know thatTwo angles are supplementary if their sum is equal to 180 degreesPart 1)∠OPW+∠WPS=180° ------> by supplementary angleswe have∠OPW=110°substitute110°+∠WPS=180°∠WPS=180°-110°=70°Part 2) we know that∠RWQ+(50°+60°)=180° ------> form a linear pair∠RWQ=180°-(50°+60°)=70°so∠OPW+∠RWQ=180° -----> by supplementary anglesPart 3) we know that∠PWU=∠RWQ -------> by vertical anglesso∠OPW+∠PWU=180° -----> by supplementary anglesthereforeThe angles that are supplements to angle ∠OPW are ∠WPS, ∠RWQ and ∠PWU